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Continuous Rim Diamond Saw Blade
The continuous rim diamond saw blade is designed for ceremic tiles cutting, porcelain and marble cutting.
Features:Saw Blade of soft bond, supreme diamond and precise tolerance control provide fast cutting with minimum chipping.
Continuous Rim Diamond Saw Blade
Continuous Rim Saw Blade large image


Continuous Rim Diamond Saw Blade
Item No.
Segment Width
Segment Height
    XS105 4"(105mm)       1.7mm         7.0mm
XS110 4-1/4"(110mm) 1.7mm 7.0mm
XS115 4-1/2"(115mm) 1.7mm 7.0mm
XS125 5"(125mm) 1.7mm 7.0mm
XS150 6"(150mm) 1.7mm 7.0mm
XS180 7"(180mm) 1.7mm 7.0mm
XS200 8"(200mm) 1.8mm 7.0mm
XS230 9"(230mm) 1.8mm 7.0mm
XS250 10"(250mm) 1.8mm 7.0mm
XS300 12"(300mm) 2.1mm 10mm
XS350 14"(350mm) 2.4mm 10mm
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